Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The city of Lyon.

The view from the apartment.

The traffic driving into Lyon on a Saturday.

The traffic driving down south as we were heading north to Lyon. This was a 130km/hr zone. They were stationary for many kilometres. We were glad we did not head south over the European holidays. We now understand the true meaning of the French vacating the city for holidays.

A French ambulance.

The kitchen.

What was so fantastic was that Stefanie (the owner who looked like a super model) had lots of french interior magazines. Every night I would grab a cuppa and sit and flick through them.

We have spent the last 4 days in Lyon, which is one of the largest cities in France. The traffic was unbelievable driving from Provence. Those heading towards Provence were banked up for many kilometres.
The apartment we have stayed in is beautiful. I think it must be the penthouse. I felt like I walked into an interior magazine. The family who own it live in it but rent it out when they go to their holiday house in the summer.
We have visited the miniature museum and gone on a bus tour. I managed to fill a suitcase with clothes for the kids. The sales are on here so shopping is great!
Lastnight I thought I saw a mouse scurry under the door. When Art went to catch it, it was a little bat that had flown through the window.
Art took the kids to the public swimming pool which is beside the river. You are not allowed in the pool wearing broad shorts, and you are not allowed to wear a t-shirt when you are out of the pool. We found this quite bazaar in a strange curious way....
Still eating baguettes, crossiants, paninis. The temperature is in the mid 30's. Only 13 days till we get home.

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